The next big thing is Usability

Usability is something most teams outside the Apple circle do not care about.

However, luckily enough (or sadly enough, depending on how you see it), developers are keyword-addicts, and some things suddently start looking cool as soon as they are trendy. Nobody cared about the business logic before, but now that  Domain Driven Design is considered the new, cool thing, some developers start putting their effort into the domain, instead of the technical details.

Now, it looks like that two of the new, trendy architectural approaches will help us regarding usability, as they are focusing on user interactions :

  • CQRS : User Commands are an important aspect of the architecture, that defines the transaction boundaries of the system
  • Data Context Interaction : DCI is a vision to capture the end user cognitive model of roles and interactions between them.

Will these trends save our software ? ;-)

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