You do need Math skills to be a great developer

Pretty interesting read on : You don’t need Math skills To be a Good developer, but you do need them to be a great one.

And yes, the author is right about Math : it should be part of your tooling if you want to do something else than coding stupid web forms all day.

On a related note, I have been working with a team where most people in the team had Phds in various mathematics-related fields. I can tell you that learning how to correctly write tests was a joke for them ! They instantaneously understood :

  • the value of testing
  • where data-driven tests helps (@DataProvider)
  • how unit-testing can complement integrated tests to avoid writing all combinations of integrated tests
  • etc… (tons of other things that most teams take months – if not years – to understand)

The reason is quite simple  : people with a decent mathematical background exhibit abstraction skills and can perform abstract thinking and reasoning.

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  2. Alexandre Poitras says:

    Hahahahaha enfin quelqu’un qui dit comme moi. Merde je pensais que je prêchais dans le désert en répétant ça pendant des années!

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